A Fantasy Webcomic

Almost a decade ago a group of friends decided to create a comic together. That group would quickly become a duo with a dream to create a story unlike any other. Over nearly a decade the two developed and created a fantasy world full of magic and mystery. This world would be dubbed Zustatek.

Tensei and Meroaw had a vision to create a diverse and inclusive cast that reflected minorities other comics tend to skip, or use cliches for. They wanted to fight the stigma around characters having to justify their identities and leave labels in the dust. They wanted to focus identity-based arcs on the characters it's important to; those who are shaped by the way they present and the pronouns they use.

After growing up with the hugely diverse cartoons and books of the 2000's, watching styles and stories repeat themselves in modern media was the push Tensei and Meroaw needed. Creating something original seems like an impossible feat these days, one that's made a lot easier with two minds.

Meroaw's immaculate detail in both world building and illustration bring depth and life to the pages. Inspired by fantasy tales, cartoons and games like Pokemon, Meroaw's ability to describe any scene within an inch of its life truly shines in Dragon Laska's illustrations.

Tensei's comedic rhythm and witty writing adorn the scripts of Dragon Laska, giving each character their own vocal quirks. Their love of anime, rhythm games and all things 'school idol' Tensei's intense dialogue writing gives the characters their own unique voices.

With these two strengths working together the fully rendered and beautifully detailed pages of Dragon Laska are born. Commended for being an original and fresh comic, Tensei and Meroaw have created something they're truly proud of and want to share with the world.

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