Our Patreon

Dragon Laska's Patreon offers a vast variety of tier rewards and overall goals that will be available to everyone. At the moment we're working towards our $100 goal of monthly livestreams! Join Batwing Tensei and Meroaw as they work on concept art, merchandise and more!

As for tier rewards you can land yourself monthly sketches by either Tensei or Meroaw, early access to pages, access to the Discord server and more! For as little as $1 a month you can read pages before anyone else and get to look at concept art, sketches and WIPs.

To check it out click here!

Convention Apperances

We sell Dragon Laska merchandise at conventions across Australia, along with physical copies of each chapter we've released. You can directly support us by buying merchandise of your favourite characters! We're working on more merch, like acrylic charms and prints, that'll be available soon.

With enough support we'll be able to open an online store and have our merch available for everyone worldwide.

If you'd love to support our comic but can't support us monetarily then sharing our posts on Twitter and Facebook help out just as much! We love welcoming new fans and want as many people as possible to enjoy reading Dragon Laska as much as we enjoy making it. We appreciate each and every share we get, even if we don't say it too often.

<3 Tensei and Meroaw.

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